Chassis 44

Established: 2015
Life: 4 races
Weight: 325 lb
Est. Top Speed: 40 mph


-Compact lightweight gearbox design

-Rattle reducing suspension system

-Semi-trail suspension arms cushioned by Fox Float 3 EVOLS

-Inboard rear brake utilizing a Hayes Performance System Apollo caliper

-Arduino powered data aquisition system

-Even front/rear weight distribution and reduced overall frame weight

Chassis 43R

Established: 2014
Life: 3 races
Weight: 385 lb
Est. Top Speed: 36 mph


-Chassis 43R Features an improved frame design and aluminum steering uprights

-Arduino powered data aquisition system

-Lowered CG and reduced frame weight

-Hayes Performance System brakes are used on all four corners of the car for superior stoping power

2011 UW-Milwaukee Baja SAE v3.0.0