Midnight Mayhem 2013


Each year, University of Louisville Baja SAE team hosts a race at Podium 1 Motoplex. The day consisted of safety checks and dynamic events during the day. The dynamic events consist of a maneuverability course and a drivetrain course, testing different aspects of the cars. These events would determine the starting positions of the cars. The endurance race would then begin at 8pm and run until midnight. Chassis 42 and Chassis 43 would line up on the starting grid together for the first time in their careers.

   Both vehicles had a great start to the race, working their way through the pack. Unfortunately, 45 minutes into the race, a plague of problems for both cars ensued. Chassis 43 was the first vehicle to need assistance, including a broken spindle followed by a problem with the tie-rod. Chassis 42 also had issues with its spindle shaft numerous times throughout the evening. Each was pitted for repairs three times. The team fought through the setbacks throughout the night, working together to keep both cars on the track. When 42 came in for the third time, it was clear that the repairs necessary would not be possible before the race was finished. Chassis 43, however, was able to run the remaining hour of the race after its last repair and finished mid-pack.

To view all of the pictures from the race click on the album below.

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2011 UW-Milwaukee Baja SAE v3.0.0