International 2014: El Paso, TX


The UW-Milwaukee Baja SAE team had one of its best finishes in recent history. We were able to place 15th overall in the ETEP event with our best finish being in the Endurance race, where we placed 8th. This is a great accomplishment considering the competition we are facing in these international events.

    The weekend started with a sale presentation event. The team was asked to present our car to a group of “potential investors”. We were required to calculate production volumes as well as manufacturing cost and retail cost for our car as well as other considerations.

    The next events for the week were the design presentation and technical inspection. In the design presentation the team was able to grab a 21st place spot. Not too bad! The car was then wheel over to technical inspection. The UW-Milwaukee car was one of less than 30 cars to make it through tech on the first try. A first for our team and a great way to end day two.

    Saturday’s dynamic events proved to be extremely tough for all team. UW-Milwaukee made our best showing in Hill Climb and Acceleration events, placing 5th and 14th respectively.

    If Saturday’s dynamic events were tough, Sunday’s endurance race was downright brutal. The track was chewing up and spitting out cars of all calibers. With a mixture of technical rocky sections and open sand straight, the track was a true test of these Baja cars off road abilty.

    This makes the team’s accomplishment even more impressive. The UW-Milwaukee car was able to withstand all four hours of the endurance race without coming off the track for repairs once. Not once! This meant that as teams came in for repairs, our car was out on the track putting in lap after consistent lap. Our steady pace lead us to a top 10 finish in the endurance event.

    We would also like to thank all of our great sponsors and committed team members. We are looking forward to a bright future and hoping to keep this momentum moving. Thank you everyone.

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