Backwoods Baja 2013


UW-Stout hosts an invitational Baja race each fall titled “Backwoods Baja” because of its remote location at a moto-cross track in Arkansaw, Wisconsin. Race day consisted of two different events. Teams chose one car to compete in the “fastest lap” race which determined the starting position for the endurance race. Drivers ran to their cars (Le Mans style), were strapped by two team members and drove three laps on track. The second event was a four hour endurance race. The four hour endurance race was split up into two, two hour stints. Teams were allowed to make repairs and regroup during the hour and a half intermission. The past four years, UW-Milwaukee had taken first at this competition.

    Chassis 42 competed in the fastest lap race which determined the starting position of the endurance race. Despite starting dead last on the starting grid, the first driver of Chassis 43 was able to fight his way through the field. 43 was setting the fastest lap times of any other team on track and was looking to be a podium hopeful.

    Two hours into the race, the team noticed that Briggs engine starting to smoke. The crew chief decided the pull the car into the pits with just a few minutes left in the first half of the race. The team came together during the intermission to do a complete motor swap on 43 to get the car back on track for the second half.

    The engine, donated from an old UWM Baja car, was swapped into 43. The team did all they could to get the engine to work with the clutch, and gearbox combination on the car. Although, the engine was worn beyond repair and 43 had to be pull from the race.

    The Chassis 42 team fought problems with their car but was able to finish in a respectable 6th place overall. For the 42 team it was yet another grueling race weekend of fighting seemingly endless problems. This young team has learned what it takes and will definitely be ready for the next race in February.

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