Chassis 43r Manufacturing

    Chassis 43 was an in credible leap forward for the UWM SAE program. From reducing the overall weight by 150 pounds to the thousands of man hours of design work that made it a reality. The car set a precedence for not only vehicle design but also how the organization is run.

    Professionalism is a word that comes to mind when talking about Chassis 43 and the group of students that created it. The image of the org was forever change to one that exemplify what a group of professional engineers working towards a common goal can accomplish.

    In keeping with the trend set by Chassis 43, Chassis 43R is a natural progression. An evolutionary step rather than a revolutionary one, 43r is born from over a year and a half of careful examination and testing of the way 43 performed. The purpose behind it is to take the 43 platform of professionalism and precise design and expand on it. The combination of the revolutionary 43 platform along with the last years collected test data and race performance will result in the most dynamic vehicle to come out of the UW-Milwaukee Baja program to date.

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2011 UW-Milwaukee Baja SAE v3.0.0